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Hasse Lucio Papirio Dittatore

6th April 2013

Saturday 6 April 4-9pm   FRINGE SERIES
Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley Street
London, W1K 2PA

Hasse Lucio Papirio Dittatore (Dresden1742)


Lucio Papirio, Dictator of Rome Benjamin Williamson counter-tenor
Papiria, Lucio's daughter Elisabeth Fleming mezzo-soprano
Quinto Fabio, Papiria's husband Calvin Wells male soprano
Marco Fabio, Senator and Quinto's father Meili Li counter-tenor
Rutilia, his daugher Roderick  Morris counter-tenor
Cominio, Rutilia's lover Catherine Pope soprano
Servilio, Tribune of the People Christopher Jacklin baritone


Ensemble Serse
Oliver Webber leader
Julia Black principal second
Joseph Crouch cello
Tom Foster harpsichord

Ensemble Serse join us again for another modern day revival of fascinating neglected opera.

On 17 January 1742 the victorious Frederick the Great signed the Treaty of Silesia in Dresden. That evening
Frederick himself was conquered by the second performance of Hasse's Lucio Papirio Dittatore. That night
Hasse became Frederick’s favourite composer and it led to Hasse operas being regularly performed at royal
command at Frederick's court theatres until his death in 1786. The significant themes of Italian opera in the
18th century were usually of a political and philosophical nature with its main purpose to glorify and celebrate
princes, their military prowess and of course courtly values. Papirio is an exception to these fundamental
goals of 18th century theatre. 

Benjamin Williamson Elizabeth Fleming Calvin Wells
Meili Li Christopher Jacklin Catherine Pope
  Oliver Webber Julia Black

Joseph Crouch

Tom Foster


























There will be two 15 minute Intervals; Please bring your own cushions and refreshments.

There is no eating allowed inside the church.

Tickets: £30 - unreserved seating

Booking will start online on
14 January and by telephone on 21 January.


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