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HSC Final 2013

11th April 2013

Thursday 11 April 7pm
St George's, Hanover Square
St George Street, London, W1S 1FX

The Final
Handel Singing Competition 2013

The First Round will be held on 20, 21, 22 February.
The Semi-Final will be held on Tuesday 19 March at 6pm
and will be open to the public.

Ian Partridge Chairman (all rounds)
Edward Blakeman (Semi-Final and Final)
Laurence Cummings (First and Semi-Final)
Catherine Denley (all rounds)
Michael George (all rounds)
Rosemary Joshua (Final)

Accompanists for First Round and Semi-Final:
Asako Ogawa
Julian Perkins
Luke Green
Tom Foster

Join us for the exciting Final of the 2013 Handel Singing Competition.
It is a combination of a lovely Handel concert with an extra competitive
element. You also have a chance to vote.

For details about the HSC please click.

Tickets: £40, £35, £30, £25, £12, £10 - there are a few side aisle seats remaining, and in the rear gallery (11 April - 10am)
Full-time students £5 - to be bought on the door from 6.15pm.

Booking will start online on 14 January and by telephone on 21 January.


HSC finalists 2012
Alexander Sprague, Lucy Hall, Raphaela Papadakis, Niel Joubert
Anna Starushkevych, Anna Gorbachyova

Laurence Cummings

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London Handel Festival

Horton House
8 Ditton Street
UK, TA19 0BQ


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