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This page was updated on 15 October

Booking will start online for our FUNDRAISER (27 November) and MESSIAH (4 December) on 20 October. Some seats will be held for Supporters until 27 October so please contact the office if you have a problem finding what you want online.

Please be patient when using the Online booking system - when a lot of people are accessing it it will slow down. It also needs time to calculate your requests. When inputting your personal information into the customer fields please make sure you put the right information in the correct field. The system is very logical and will get confused if a telephone number is in the email field for example! Good luck and you can always ring us for help if you get stuck - 01460 54660.

I am afraid that our system doesn't like Ipads
but we are working on a new Box Office system which should be ready for the 2015 Festival.


All bookings will be dealt with in order of priority (especially if you are a member of the Handel Supporters scheme) and in date order otherwise. Therefore there could be a time lag before you receive your tickets if you are not a member of the Handel Supporters. We always receive a large number of orders when the Festival booking opens and it does take our small team time to sort out the orders and allocate the seats and process payments etc.

Choosing your ticket: Please locate your login details or register if you are a new customer.

Click on the ticket price first and then choose your seat. If you change your mind click on the seat again.

Reserved seats and the online booking system: We have tried to make this booking system as simple as possible, but we are dealing with several venues; reserved seating; unreserved seating etc.  Some seats that appear to be reserved have been blocked off for postal and telephone bookings, but until we have done the final processing (payment and ticket printing) they will not appear as sold on the plan.  Only those bought online will show as sold immediately.

You can buy on the door on the day, if you haven't booked in advance.

Doors open 45 minutes before a concert usually.

If you book 4 days before a performance tickets will probably not be sent out and will therefore be available for collection on the day.

Please bring your email confirmation on the day, for all performances, in case there has not been time to print out your tickets.

Postcodes & the payment part of your order: for countries outside Great Britain - please enter the numerics of the postcode or if you do not have one please enter any three numbers.  When you pay for your tickets you are transferred to SagePay, which is a separate, secure online payment system.

Visa Debit payments: this is now allowed.

Postal booking: Postal bookings will be handled in order of receipt and in order of priority. Payment may be by cheque or signed credit card authorisation. Please do not enter a specific amount on the cheque, but state the maximum amount payable at the bottom of the cheque, in case we are not able to supply all the seats you request.

Reserved = numbered seats, advance booking recommended
Unreserved = choose your seat on arrival, but you can book in advance to ensure a seat.

Ticket re-sales and refunds: We will exchange or refund seat bookings whenever possible up to 48 hours before the performance. Less than 48 hours before, the seats will be offered for re-sale once all house seats have been sold.

Enquiries: Disabled access and facilities, and general enquiries - telephone 01460 53500

Administration charge: there is a £2 administration charge on each order, not each concert, when booking online.

Discounts: If you are entitled to more than one discount, please calculate in the order shown below:
Student: £2 discount per ticket
Disabled: £2 discount per ticket
Booked 3 or more concerts: 5% discount
Group bookings - 10 or more people: 5% discount per ticket for any one performance.
Standby: £6 tickets are available (if the performance is not sold out) to senior citizens, students and the unemployed at the door upon proof of eligibility, 10 minutes before the performance. Lunchtime concerts are not included.

Students: Many concerts are free to full-time students.  You will need to show your student card and buy on the door.

Navigating the online booking system: It is a good idea to make sure that you are registered before you start trying to buy seats - go to Log in/Register after you have clicked on Secure Online Box Office - if you have ordered before but forgotten your password, you can ask for a new one, which will be sent to you straight away by email. This you can change into something memorable and keep somewhere you can find it for next time you book.  Once you have entered your email address and password you will be taken to your account which will show what you have bought previously.  Go back to the booking Home Page and click on the concert you are interested in, choose your seats for reserved seating, or the number of seats you would like for unreserved seating.  You will probably need to go to the bottom of the page to see everything or scroll to the right of the screen.  If you want to book several concerts return to the booking Home Page (not the Festival home page) and choose a new concert.  Your Shopping basket will show everything you have ordered so far - continue to Checkout when you have finished.  This will take you to the payment section of the website, where you will need your credit card details etc.  You should not be required to pay the £2 delivery/ administration charge more than once if you are booking several concerts, providing you do them all at the same time.

Box office contact details:
Latasha Lamb
Box office: 01460 54660
Hours of opening: 10am-12.30pm & 2-4pm - Monday to Friday
during booking periods - please leave a message if we are not available
and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

During the Festival period the box office will be open from 10am to 2pm Monday to Friday.

General enquiries: 01460 53500
Catherine Hodgson or Latasha Lamb
Email: click HERE to email
London Handel Society
Horton House - 8 Ditton Street
Ilminster - Somerset - TA19 0BQ

Photos by Chris Christodoulou of Riccardo Primo - March 2012



London Handel Festival

Horton House
8 Ditton Street
UK, TA19 0BQ


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