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About the Handel Supporters

This page was updated on 24 September 2015

The Friends of the LHF have been existence for many years and were joined by
other levels of support in 2004 and are known as Handel Supporters.

Handel Supporters welcome our audience to events and help the Festival in many
different ways.  The great contribution they make to the Festival substantially
underpins all the performances that take place each year.

Thank you to all those who have supported the Festival this season.

You can download the leaflet for 2016 HERE

If you would like to give a donation via Just Giving just click here.

Platinum Benefactors, Gold Benefactors, Silver Benefactors
• have access to priority booking
• will receive 2 free Festival programmes on request
• will be invited to an annual special event

• have access to priority booking

• will receive 2 free Festival programmes on request

Friends of the London Handel Festival 
• have access to priority booking following the Benefactors and Patrons

All Benefactors and Patrons:
• will be invited to the opera dress rehearsal
• will be listed in the programme (if you wish)
• will be invited to a private annual reception

All Benefactors, Patrons and Friends
• will be invited to winter recitals organised by the Friends of the LHF
• will be invited to go on visits, organised by the Friends of the LHF
  to Handel festivals abroad

• will receive Newsletters produced by the Friends of the LHF

All levels of Handel Supporters will receive:
• the Brochure and Booking Form for the Festival

A Gift of Friendship
A gift of membership is easy to arrange: please email the Festival office on: or call 01460 53500.

Making the most of your support
All membership subscriptions and any other gifts from Handel Supporters
who pay tax in the UK are eligible for Gift Aid.

You are also welcome to contribute via CAF, family or personal charitable trusts
or similar schemes, although gifts made in this way are not eligible for Gift Aid.

Platinum Benefactor @ £5000 or more for 2016 season
• Gold Benefactor @ £1250 or more for 2016 season
• Silver Benefactor @ £500 or more for 2016 season
• Patron @ £250 or more for 2016 season
• Friend of the LHF @ £20 & £15 for retired Friends for 2016 season
• Mailing List subscriber @ £10 for 2016 season
• Appeal 2016 donation

If you are interested in leaving the London Handel Society a legacy you will find the information in the Handel Supporters leaflet.


Photos of Riccardo Primo - March 2012 (Chris Christodoulou)



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