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Please support our work

This page was updated on 24 February 2017

We do not receive any public subsidy and ticket sales alone do not cover all of our costs.

Therefore we are reliant on our loyal group of supporters for our continued success each year, in particular to support our artistic ambition to nurture young talent and explore Handel’s lesser known repertoire. Please join us.

We are a registered charity (no. 269184).

The Friends of the LHF have been in existence for many years and were joined by other levels of support in 2004, known collectively as Handel Supporters.  Handel Supporters welcome our audience to events and help the Festival in many different ways.  The great contribution they make to the Festival substantially underpins all the performances that take place each year.  

If you are already a supporter, thank you so much.

Please note that it is currently not possible to join as a Friend/Handel Supporter online.  There is a joining form at the back of the 2017 London Handel Festival brochure.

We offer several levels of support, with a range of benefits designed to bring you close to our work.  Please note that the amount for each level is the suggested minimum donation per year. 

Friend of London Handel Festival - £20 per annum (£15 for retired)

Priority booking for all performances, many of which sell out

Invitations to private recitals organised by the Friends of LHF, the most recent concert featured Opera Lyrica with William Wallace, winner of the 2016 Handel Singing Competition

Regular newsletter (Handel News)

Benefactor - £250 per annum
All of the benefits above +
Personal acknowledgement in all donor lists (if desired)
Special events designed to give ‘behind the scenes’ access
Two free Festival programmes on request

Patrons Circle – £1,200 per annum
All of the benefits above +
Advance notice of events and priority booking before other supporters
One concert/project designated as ‘supported by Patrons Circle’
Annual Season Preview event

A Gift of Friendship

A gift of membership is easy to arrange, please email Latasha Lamb - boxoffice@londonhandelfestival.org.uk or call 01460 54660.

Making the most of your support
All membership subscriptions and any other gifts from Handel Supporters
who pay tax in the UK are eligible for Gift Aid.  

As we are a registered charity (no. 269184), we can claim Gift Aid on your behalf.  We can send you a simple form to complete and return to us, and then we do everything else.  Gift Aid means that we can claim back from the government on your behalf 25p for every £1 donated, as you have already paid this tax.  If you are a higher rate tax payer, you can claim the donation as a charitable contribution to off-set against your tax when you do your tax return.

You are also welcome to contribute via CAF, family or personal charitable trusts
or similar schemes, although gifts made in this way are not eligible for Gift Aid.

Thank you to all those who have supported the Festival. 

London Handel Festival

London Handel Society
PO Box 79,
TA19 9WP


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