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One step forward and two back

23rd December 2012

I discovered while trawling through hundreds of emails yesterday that I have made an error in the brochure (there may well be more, but I hope not).

When putting together the Brochure for the Festival information comes from many sources and some of it very close to the printing deadline.  Anyway I have managed to mix the programmes for the lunchtime recitals for Raphaela Papadakis and Lucy Hall.  This has now been remedied on the online brochure (which can be downloaded) and on the individual website pages.  I am not able to do anything about the printed brochures that appear in the racks around London, but the correct information will be on the online booking site in due course.  Anyone who receives a brochure in the post will hopefully have a slip included which will give the correct information.  Stricter copy deadlines rules will be in place for 2014!!

In spite of all that I hope everyone will have a happy time over the Christmas period and plan their visits to Handel concerts.

Catherine Hodgson
23 December 2012



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