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HSC 2013 First Round

4th February 2013

The Schedule for the First Round is now available to download on the HSC page of this website.  If you have a problem viewing it please let us know on  and we will email it to you.

The final Schedule will be posted to the web page on 18 February just before the First Round, which takes place at Craxton Studios from 20-22 February.  If you are taking part in the Competition please let us know if you are able to do the time that has been arranged for you.

Please keep in touch via the address if you have any problems or are unable to come to the audition.  You can also reach me by phone on 01460 53500.

Ann Allen will be looking after everyone on 20, 21, 22 February, making sure that the adjudicators have all the paperwork, that the singers go in at the right time etc.

Picture: Anna Starushkevych

Catherine Hodgson
4 February - 7pm 





FUTURE 2015-16 FUTURE 2015-16 30 Jul 2015

The summer weeks are disappearing fast; the children will be back at school in a few weeks; and plans are in progress for the autumn Handel concerts and the LHF and HSC 2016. As many of you will know Denys Darlow died on 24 February this year. He...

London Handel Festival

Horton House
8 Ditton Street
UK, TA19 0BQ


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