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19th March 2015

St George’s, Hanover Square
St George Street, London, W1S 1FX


JS Bach    Orchestral Suite No 3 in D major BWV1068

Motet ‘Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied’ BWV225

GP Telemann    Cantata Cycle Die Tageszeiten TWV20:39

Meret Lüthi Artistic Director
Jonathan Sells Artistic Director

Zoë Brown soprano
Clare Lloyd soprano
Michal Czerniawski counter-tenor
Lucy Goddard mezzo-soprano
Thomas Herford tenor
Edmund Hastings tenor
Jonathan Sells baritone
Lisandro Abadie baritone-bass

The ‘Die Tageszeiten’ project is the first collaboration between the professional ensembles Les Passions de l’Ame from Bern and the innovative and exciting group, Solomon’s Knot. The focus is the performance of Telemann’s cantata cycle ‘Die Tageszeiten’ as well as the cultural exchange
between the musicians.

TICKET PRICES: reserved seating
£35   Nave rows A-D
£30   Nave rows E-J
£25   Nave rows K-M
£20   Rt SA rows A-C
£20   Lft SA rows A-B
£12   SA rows D-N & C-K
£22   Gallery front row
£10   Rear Gallery
SA = Side Aisles


Solomon's Knot
Les Passions de L'Ame
Meret Luthi Mittel

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