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27th March 2015

This series of lunchtime concerts takes place
St George Street, London, W1S 1FX.

It principally gives performance opportunities
to young musicians including the finalists of
the Handel Singing Competition in 2014.


EWA GUBAŃSKA mezzo-soprano

Ewa Gubańska, the Winner of the HSC 2014 brings a programme of works by Porta, Gasparini, Domenico Scarlatti, Matteis, Mancini, Tessarini and Handel.

UPDATE - 27 March 1-2pm
Ewa Gubańska has been taken ill and is unable to give her recital today. Fabrizio Longo and Riccardo Morini will give a concert instead. They were due to accompany Ewa and have come from Italy especially to do so.


Vivaldi (1678-1741) Sonata No 2-3 Op 2 (1709)
JS Bach (1685-1750) arrangement of Vivaldi
Violin Concerto in G Major, RV310)
Keyboard Concerto BWV978
Carlo Tessarini (1690-1766)
Sonata terza dai trattenimenti musicali (1742)
Nicola Matteis (Naples - London 1690/1695?) diverse bizzarrie sopra la vecchia sarabanda ó pur ciaccona, from "airs for the violin preludes allmands sarabands courantes gigues divisions and double composizione fitted to all hands and capacities." (1676).

If you do not wish to attend the concert the Festival will refund your ticket. Please contact us on londonhandelfestival@gmail.com

We are very sad that Ewa is unable to sing on this special occasion. 

TICKETS: £10 - concessions £8
unreserved seating

full-time students - free - please obtain them on the door on the day


Ewa Gubanska  
Ewa Gubanska  

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London Handel Festival

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PO Box 79,
TA19 9WP


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