2019 Competition

London Handel Festival - 2019 Competition

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2019 News

The composer George Frideric Handel was known to encourage and train young, unestablished singers, many of whom rose to fame as his star soloists. We continue Handel’s great tradition of nurturing talent through our Handel Singing Competition, which is presented as part of the annual London Handel Festival. The Competition comprises a First Round at Craxton Studios in north London from 6-9 February (although it is possible to send in sound files at this stage if you are living abroad), followed by a live Semi-Final of approximately 12-15 singers, which is open to the public and held at Grosvenor Chapel on Tuesday 5 March. The live Final (with five or six singers) is held at St George’s, Hanover Square on Saturday 6 April and the finalists are accompanied by the London Handel Orchestra, conducted by Laurence Cummings.

Many thanks to all the applicants who took part in the first round of the 2019 Handel Singing Competition.

We are pleased to announce the following singers have been selected to take part in the Finals:

Eszter Balogh mezzo-soprano
Patrick Terry countertenor
William Thomas bass
David de Winter tenor

For full details of the Final, which will take place on 6 April at St George’s, Hanover Square at 7pm, and to purchase tickets please click here.

2019 Prize Supporters
First Prize

Supported by The Carne Trust

Second Prize

Supported by donations from London Handel Festival audiences and Handel Supporters

Audience Prize

Supported by Angela Hyde-Courtney

Selma D and Leon Fishbach Memorial Awards

In memory of Selma D and Leon Fishbach

2019 Semi-Finalists

Stephanie Hershaw soprano
Irene Hoogveld soprano
Alexandra Lowe soprano
Myrna Tennant soprano
Margo Arsane mezzo-soprano
Eszter Balogh mezzo-soprano
Arlene Miatto Albeldas mezzo-soprano
Nian Wang mezzo-soprano
Justin Schütz countertenor
Patrick Terry countertenor
Cairan Ryan baritone
David de Winter tenor
William Thomas bass

Unfortunately it is impossible for the judges to give any feedback at this stage.