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This page was updated on 9th FEBRUARY 2019



Many thanks to all the applicants who took part in the first round of the Handel Singing Competiton.

We are pleased to annouce the following singers have been selected to take part in the semi-finals:

Stephanie Hershaw SOPRANO
Irene Hoogveld SOPRANO
Alexandra Lowe SOPRANO
Myrna Tennant SOPRANO
Arlene Miatto Albeldas MEZZO-SOPRANO
Cairan Ryan BARITONE
David de Winter TENOR
William Thomas BASS

For full details of the semi-final, which will take place on 5th March at Grosvenor Chapel from 6pm - 9pm, and to purchase tickets please click HERE.

Unfortunately it is impossible for the judges to give any feed back at this stage.


The composer George Frideric Handel was known to encourage and train young, unestablished singers, many of whom rose to fame as his star soloists. We continue his great tradition of nurturing talent through our Handel Singing Competition, which is presented as part of the annual London Handel Festival.

The Handel Singing Competition (HSC) has been held annually since 2002 with Ian Partridge and James Bowman as the first adjudicators. The HSC has since grown and there are now over 120 applications each year.

The deadline for applications for the 2019 Handel Singing Competition has now passed, and we are not accepting any further applications.  Thanks to everyone who has already applied.  Please note that you will not be contacted to notify you of your audition time for the first round; it is your responsibility to check this page from 16 January onwards in order to find out this information.  We will take into account any requests for specific times and days.

The 2019 Competition comprises a First Round at Craxton Studios in north London from 6-9 February (although it is possible to send in sound files at this stage if you are not able to attend), followed by a live Semi-Final of approximately 12-15 singers, which is open to the public and held at Grosvenor Chapel on Tuesday 5 March. The live Final (with 5 or 6 singers) is held at St George's, Hanover Square on Saturday 6 April and the finalists are accompanied by the London Handel Orchestra, conducted by Laurence Cummings.

Past finalists include Ruby Hughes, Iestyn Davies, Lucy Crowe, Tim Mead, Sophie Junker and Anna Starushkevych. Past judges have included Iestyn Davies, John Mark Ainsley and Rosemary Joshua.

All Finalists in the 2019 Handel Singing Competition are guaranteed lunchtime recitals in the 2020 London Handel Festival, and many past finalists are also asked to perform solos in other prestigious concerts during the Festival and abroad. For example, the 2018 London Handel Festival featured no fewer than 20 past Finalists and the winners of recent competitions have been invited to give a special recital at the Handel Festival in Halle.

ADJUDICATORS (further names to be announced)
Ian Partridge
Catherine Denley
Michael George

First Prize: £5000
Second Prize: £2000
Audience Prize: £300
Finalist Award: £300

23 to 34 years old as of 1 February 2019 i.e. you must be at least 23 years old and no older than 34 on this date.

28 December 2018
5pm (UK time)

All applications must be made via our online booking process here.  Please enter your details and make payment here first, and then complete the 'Further Details' form below. 

It is possible to apply from Monday 12 November 2018.  Once you have entered online and made your payment, please download the 'Further Details' form (available below), complete it and send with supporting documentation, as listed below, by e-mail to competition@londonhandelfestival.org.uk. Please send all your documents in one email where possible including references.

The 'Further Details' form can be downloaded here.  Additional notes for singers can be downloaded here.

If you are not attending the First Round to sing live, we ask you to send us a high quality MP3 or video file (as an attachment or link) with a short recitative and aria plus a second aria, all by Handel. All items must have accompaniment by harpsichord or baroque orchestra or ensemble.

Please remember to include:

A photocopy of Birth Certificate or Passport, scanned and e-mailed as an attachment

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV), short biography and photograph

References from two referees  

A schedule will be available on this webpage from 14 January onwards.
It is your responsibility to find out when you are singing and we will not offer refunds for missing your appointed time.

London Handel Festival

London Handel Society
PO Box 79,
TA19 9WP


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