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Acis & Galatea

Acis & Galatea

The production of Acis and Galatea is supported by Stone Nest

Tickets  – £60/50/35/15

No Joy will last.

Love, beauty and innocence are corrupted by lust, darkness and death.  Handel’s seemingly simple drama offers us a chilling warning about the transience of human happiness and the inevitable reality that faces us all.

The story is simple: girl loves boy, a rival appears who wants the girl, she refuses and in a rage, the rival kills the boy.  Within this fairytale, we find evidence of the darkness that underlies the principles by which we lead our modern lives. We can glimpse the implicit structures to which we owe our existence. “Survival of the fittest” the great principle of evolution, implies death for those not so strong. It implies that the desires and wishes of the strong outweigh the innocence and ideals of the weak.

We may imagine that we live in an evolved society where everyone is equal and all work together for the greater good.  But here we see that we are animals who respond to our basic needs. We have evolved to where we are now, by killing our rivals, dominating those beneath us and exercising our desires without concern for their consequences on others.

In this production we focus on this stark reality and set our story within the context of these themes.  Our world is suffering thanks to our evolved practices, which on the face of it seem to be for the benefit of the many, but are in fact for the good of the few and carry with them the consequences of deep harm and ultimately death.


La Nuova Musica

Musical Director – David Bates

Director – Andrew Staples

Acis – Anthony Gregory

Galatea – Madison Nonoa

Polyphemus – Will Thomas

Damon – James Way

Coridon – David Webb

Dancers – Patricia Langa & Sean Murray

Lighting & Design – William Reynolds

Assistant Director – Evelyn Weldon

Production Manager – Titch Gosling


Stone Nest

Stone Nest is an arts organisation and performance venue in the heart of London’s West End, bringing experimental art to a wide audience. A hidden gem nestled amidst the bright lights of theatre land, offering a platform for bold, visionary artists and a space where audiences can encounter an eclectic programme of contemporary performance.

Hidden under the chapel you will find Below Stone Nest, a beautiful, atmospheric bar welcoming audiences from 6pm until late.


Performance length 2hr (inc. interval)