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Alcina HWV 34

Alcina HWV 34

Tuesday 22 January, 7pm, St John’s Smith Square

Lucy Crowe Alcina
Patrick Terry Ruggiero
Rebecca Bottone Morgana
Madeleine Shaw Bradamante
Christopher Turner Oronte
William Berger Melisso

David Bates director
La Nuova Musica

La Nuova Musica presents one of Handel’s most spellbinding operas. For the first time ever, Handel’s masterpiece will be presented as a bilingual performance with the Italian libretto sitting alongside a newly commissioned script narrated in English.

The sorceress, Alcina, is overlord of a mysterious and enchanted island, inhabited by the souls of her past lovers, now embodied as animals, rocks, trees and streams. The stage is set with the arrival of Alcina’s latest victim, Ruggiero, in her captivating realm. In hot pursuit is Ruggiero’s cross-dressing fiancée, Bradamante, and former tutor, Melisso, in possession of a magic ring – the key to infiltrating Alcina’s kingdom. A plot thick with twists and turns, fairies and wild beasts, the drama of Handel’s score will be brought to life by an all-star cast under the direction of David Bates.

Co-promoted by St John’s Smith Square and London Handel Festival.

Ticket prices: £55, £45, £30, £20

These tickets are not available for print at home and will be posted out to you. We have a small allocation available for Handel Supporters and Friends, and you should log in to your account to gain access to these. General booking opens at St John’s Smith Square from 22 October; please call 020 7222 1061 or visit www.sjss.org.uk to order your tickets.

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