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Fernando, re di Castiglia: A Handel Premiere

Fernando, re di Castiglia: A Handel Premiere

Tickets: £45 | £35 | £25 | £15*

*please note £15 are heavily restricted viewing

“I should be sorry if I only entertained them. I wish to make them better”
G. F. Handel

Fernando, re di Castiglia doesn’t appear in the traditional lists of Handel’s operas. This is because it was never completed, at least not under that name. Originally a political thriller set in medieval Portugal, Handel went on to rewrite the work as Sosarme, changing the setting, names of characters, and reworking some of the music. This performance will be a world premiere of Bärenreiter’s new critical edition of Fernando. Following Handel’s interval practice, Handel’s Oboe Concerto in G minor will be performed by Opera Settecento’s Artistic Director, Leo Duarte.


Opera Settecento

Director Leo Duarte

Fernando Meili Li
Elvida Susanna Fairbairn
Isabella Ciara Hendrick
Altomaro Frederick Long
Sancio Jess Dandy
Dionisio Nick Scott
Alfonso Charlie Morris


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